Level Reupload 1005 Error

This error is because GDPSFH's IP has been blocked for downloading levels form RobTop's server and thus levels cannot be re-uploaded through the GDPS Tools page.

Current Alternatives (only on PC)

You can transfer levels from one save to another using the GDShare mod, or copy the CCLocalLevels.dat file from your GeometryDash save folder located inside `%localappdata%\GeometryDash` to another save folder. If your GDPS' exe is called CoolGDPS.exe for example, you'll find its save folder inside `%localappdata%\CoolGDPS`. Please make sure to create a backup before replacing your save file.

Future Alternative

The GDPSFH Panel has a page that allows the GDPS owner to reupload levels through a different method, however due to a bug in the code, it's currently disabled.

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