Level Commands

You can use commands on a level to change how the level is presented.

These commands can be used on a level in the comments section. You should get a false error when posting those, which usually means that using the command worked.

More information about command permissions: 🔐 Create Roles


!rate (Difficulty) (Amount of Stars) (Verify Coins) (Set Featured)

Rate a level

Difficulty: Auto, Easy, Normal, Hard, Harder, Insane, Demon Amount of stars: In the amount of stars you can place a personalized amount. Verify coins: You can also enter if the coins are collectable [ 1 = Verified (Silver coins), 0 = Not verified (Bronze Coins) ] Set Featured: You can set the level is featured or not: [ 1 = Featured, 0 = Not Featured ]



Set featured a level



Set epic a level



Remove epic a level


!setacc (Account Name)

Move a level to a specific account

Account Name: Name of the account who will now own the level


!verifycoins (Mode)

Set if coins of the level are collectable

Mode: 1 = Verified (Silver coins), 0 = Not verified (Bronze Coins)



Queues the level as a daily level.



Queues the level as a Weekly level.



Delete a level from the GDPS Server.


!pass (Password)

Update the level password

Password: Numbers only, 4-6 digits (Set password to 0 make it a free-copy)

CommandPassOwn / CommandPassAll

!description (Description)

Update the level description

Description: 300 characters limit. (Special Characters are removed for safety)



Set a level publicly visible

CommandPublicOwn / CommandPublicAll


Set a level only viewable via Level ID

CommandUnlistOwn / CommandUnlistAll

!sharecp (username)

Share Creator Points with another user (CP will be split equally)

username: Name of the account who will distribute the creator points (max: 1 person)

CommandSharecpOwn / CommandSharecpAll


Force LDM button in a level


Force LDM button disabled in a level

!rename (level name)

Change the level name

level name: 300 characters limit. (Special Characters is removed)

CommandRenameOwn / CommandRenameAll

!song (SongID)

Change the song of the level

SongID: Numbers only, Newgrounds songs and song reuploaded are supported

CommandSongOwn / CommandSongAll

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