Create Quests

Tutorial to create this PHPMyAdmin search explained in detail

Quests table structure



Add a unique number to the quest

(optional, auto-generated)


Number of the quest type that will be displayed in the game [1]

types: 1 = Orbs, 2 = UserCoins, 3 = Stars


Amount of orbs/stars/coins to complete the quest [2]

A number


Amount of diamonds that will be rewarded for completing the quest [3]

A number


Name of the quest that will be displayed in the game [4]


Creating the quest

Learn to access phpMyAdmin: 🔐 Accessing to phpMyAdmin

Learn phpMyAdmin structure: 🔐 Site Structure

⚠ You are required to add a minimum of 3 quests, otherwise the game will not display any quest.

  1. Access to your PHPMyAdmin database and Look for "quests".

  2. Open the insert tab.

  3. Fill out all fields correctly.

  4. Click on "Go".

  5. Your quest has been created! ✨


  • Previously the quests were configured through the config/questInfo.php file along with the chests (currently the file was renamed to dailyChests.php)

  • The first quests added by default to the Cvolton core had a name that was not at all appropriate and nothing pleasant for some peoples.

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