Remove 6 Digit Song Limit Android

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How to remove 6 digit song ID limit from Android.

Don't you hate not being able to enter 7 digit song IDs without cheats? Well here is a guide that will tell you how to remove the limit. You will need: A hex editor. For PC, I recommend HXD for hex editing. For Android, i recommend NMM file explorer's built-in hex editor. An APK editor.

Extract file from APK.

Firstly in your apk, go to the folder: lib/Armeabi-v7 and save the file.

Open the file

Using your hex editor, open the file. Now use goto/search and search for 322EBE (Hex offset not dec) Where the "I" indicates the offset is at, replace the 07 with 0C. Now save the file.

Replace the old

Replace the old file with the new one and install.

Now you can enter 7 digit song IDs!

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