Add Mod Menu

This guide will teach you how to add a Mod Menu to your GDPS on mobile and PC.

(This page may need a rework in the future, some information is lacking)


To add a mod menu to your GDPS you must have the following.

  • A Hex Editor (Required for method 1)

  • Italian Apk Downloader's Mod Menu - Download it here

  • APK Editor

  • Base64 Encoder Website Link (Required for method 1)

  • Your GDPS' APK

Method 1 (Manual Replacement; Complicated)

  1. Open APK Editor

  2. Tap "Select an APK File"

  3. Find the APK of the Mod Menu - Not your GDPS or the original game!

  4. Tap "Simple Edit"

  5. Navigate into the folders as seen on the images below

  1. Save ""

  1. Open your Hex Editor

  2. Find "" you have extracted from the Mod Menu APK and open it

  3. Search for "". Make sure to look for "String" rather than "Hex".

  1. Tap on "Find and Replace" and replace "" with your GDPS link. Make sure your GDPS link is the exact same length as the original link as shown in the image below

  1. Open the Base64 Encoder and type "" and press "encode"

  2. Copy the result and search for it in your Hex Editor

  3. Go back to the Base64 Encoder and type your GDPS link into the box and press "encode" (same length-specific rule applies as in Step 10.)

  4. Copy the result and find and replace the Base64-encoded boomlings link with your Base64-encoded GDPS link.

  5. Save the file

  6. Open APK Editor

  7. Tap on the APK of the Mod Menu

  8. Tap "Simple Edit" and navigate back to the "lib" / "armebi-v7a" folder.

  9. Save the APK.

Method 2 (Transfer existing file from your GDPS APK)

  1. Go into APK Editor and select your GDPS' APK file instead

  2. Tap on "Simple Edit"

  3. Navigate to "lib" / "armebi-v7a"

  4. Find "" and save it

  5. Go back and select your Mod Menu APK

  6. Navigate to the "lib" / "armebi-v7a" (again)

  7. Replace the old "" with the one from your GDPS

  8. Save the APK.

Your new GDPS' APK should now have the mod menu when you open it. Optionally you can replace the package name to separate your GDPS with the original game.

  1. Open APK Editor

  2. Find the APK in the "ApkEditor/tmp" folder

  3. Tap on "Common Edit"

  4. Change the App icon/name or whatever you would like

  5. Change the package name to whatever you like. Please do not put numbers at the start of the package name.

The APK should now work whilst being separate from the original game. If you encounter an issue with installing it, check here on how to fix "damaged" packages.

PC (Windows)


This part of the guide will teach you how to add GDMegaOverlay to your GDPS.

  1. Open your GDPS folder you have extracted

  2. Download the "gdmo" folder from the GDMegaOverlay GitHub page

  3. Copy all the files over to your GDPS' folder. If you're prompted to replace files, click on yes.

Mega Hack v5

You can't really "install" Mega Hack to a GDPS. But you can still bind it to your GDPS.

You will need to download a hex-editor like HxD.

  1. Download and extract Mega Hack v5

  2. Open MegaHack.exe in HxD

  3. Search and Replace (CTRL+R) for "GeometryDash.exe" with your GDPS' exe name. Make sure that your GDPS' .exe name has the exact same length as GeometryDash.exe. If the length doesn't match, backup your GDPS account and rename your GDPS' .exe name to something fitting. If HxD prompts "This replace operation changes the file size", do NOT proceed.

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