Elegant Sql Fixes

How to fix things (broken level view, post-raid, etc.) with SQL queries and phpMyAdmin.

(This page may need a rewrite. Be careful when executing the commands!)

So, your GDPS kinda got messed up? Don't worry, I got the page for you! This will show you elegant, simple and swift fixes to even the most tedious-to-fix issues!

You might know this is because of the starCoins or starDemon value being 0 nor 1. But is there a simple way to fix the levels all at once instead of manually doing it for each and every level? The answer might be indeed very shocking - it's yes! But how? Well, it's a simple snippet of SQL code, of course!

-- Fix starCoins
UPDATE `levels` SET `levels`.`starCoins` = 1 WHERE `starCoins` > 1; 
UPDATE `levels` SET `levels`.`starCoins` = 0 WHERE `starCoins` < 0;

-- Fix starDemon
UPDATE `levels` SET `levels`.`starDemon` = 1 WHERE `starDemon` > 1;
UPDATE `levels` SET `levels`.`starDemon` = 0 WHERE `starDemon` < 0;

Raided and want to remove the residue users?

If you know the exact user ID of the first residue user (for this example, it's 40) and the last residue users (for this example, it's 12345), you can remove the users simply and elegantly. As always, I'm providing the snippet to this fix:

    `users`.`userID` >= 40 -- first residue user ID
    AND `users`.`userID` <= 12345; -- last residue user ID

Want to disable an account?

Set the isActive property on the account you want to disable (in accounts table) to 0! This should make the account nonfunctional while keeping it without removal of data and levels.

Have any other questions?

Feel free to submit an issue or create a thread in our Discord, we'll be glad to help!

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