Package Parsing Error Android

This is a pretty uncommon error when installing an APK on your phone. Fortunately, there are various methods to get this fixed, but it could be a bit time consuming if one of those don't work.

Option 1: Manually fixing the APK by editing its installation location

This video is a pretty easy-to-follow tutorial that helps fixing the parsing error. You should give it a watch. If this didn't work out, you might want to follow the steps below then.

Option 2: Use an APK installer from the Playstore

As stupid as it sounds, this might work out for you. There are various APK installers on store, though some of them just plain redirect you to the package installer. From our testing, this one works so far.

Option 3: Resetting your GDPS and choose a different name

If you made a fresh GDPS you'll most likely be able to simply delete it and make a new one. For some odd reason, the name of the GDPS can corrupt the APK. The only occurance that it can guaranteed break the APK is by starting the GDPS name using a digit, please avoid that. We don't know why this happens but we are unable to check if it works right away before creating your GDPS. Once you deleted your GDPS, you will have to re-create your GDPS. Please make sure to choose a different name, it might even work out if you change only one character in your GDPS name!

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